Hello I'm Angel, I am Japanese, Irish, Italian, and German. I live in Southern Cali. I have 34J natural boobies. I'm married to Sindel DeLuca and do adult webcamming and I love doing what I do....most of the time lol ;p


The beautiful @angeldeluca and myself at #thefannys awards last night before walking the pink carpet :)

The beautiful @angeldeluca and myself at #thefannys awards last night before walking the pink carpet :)

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What's up? So what's this about a photoshoot?

which one?

Panty Fetish 3

Angel goes at it again, stuffing her tight little pussy with her panties. We’ve watched Angel swallow the juices in the first one, then watched Sindel pull them out of her pussy with her teeth in the second one. This one we watch Angel have a lovely cumshot with her panties.. but you’ll have to watch the video to find out where!

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Taking a break from our daily routine, Angel and I decide we want to have some sexy alone time. We start to get into it and Angel springs on me that she called up our friend, “Oh, by the way I invited Christian over” - “Oh, OK” - “He’s in the other room but I don’t know if I could wait for him…” Angel says as she’s slowly undressing me. It’s been a while since we’ve shared a hard throbbing cock together so of course I do not object to this phone call. He finally shows up and catches us already dripping wet and ready to take his hard cock. Angel and I use his cock like there is no other in the world! We share it back and forth with our mouths, fuck it, switch, suck it more, fuck it more and so on… he even makes both of us cum all over his hard cock before he gives us his load for us to share back and forth!

Angel DeLuca is sitting in her happy seat, rubbing her panty-covered pussy and rubbing her nipple but what she really needs is a dude to service her awesomely fleshy body. A dude to give her a hard candy cane to suck on and a nice snatch stuffing with his stiffie. Someone to rescue this poor, young, bra-killing girl from the distress of sexual frustration! Makes ya want to just dive right into that invitingly deep cleavage. Angel’s pussy is getting wet and her pliable nipples are stiffening from her digital manipulations. Something’s going to give. Cue in the stunt cock who’s been watching and ready to lend a hand, starting with taking over the rubbing of her warm and ready pussy-slit. Her masturbation turns him on. He spreads her Angel wings and sticks a finger inside to explore Angel’s moist pinkness while he sucks on her sensitive nipples. Angel begins to throat his cock poking out from his boxers. Her tongue wraps around his skin flute and plays a horny tune. Those big boobs are so round and soft that he has to fuck them. Straddling her, his cock slides between Angel’s peaks, making a pussy out of her cleavage, and goes straight into her waiting mouth on the upstroke. They move over to the bed so they can stretch out and fuck. Angel tit-wanks him some more, kneeling at the foot of the bed. She climbs aboard and sticks her ass up so he can first take her with a thrusting doggie. Angel’s shaking and grinding butt-cheeks and her loud moans only intensify as he shafts her gorgeous body from behind, the first of several fuck positions they will enjoy.

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